Type Approval

Whole Vehicle Type Approval Numbers;

Model / Commercial Name Whole Vehicle Type Approval Number WVTA extension number annotated via xx
A00 (Mirage / Space Star) e1*2007/46*0951*xx
A10 (Attrage) e1*2007/46*1230*xx
CW0 (Outlander) e1*2001/116*0406*xx
CWB (Outlander) e1*2001/116*0482*xx
CY0 (Lancer / Lancer Sports Back) e1*2001/116*0441*xx
CZ0 (Lancer Evoloution) e1*2001/116*0465*xx
GA0 (ASX) e1*2007/46*0368*xx
GF0 (Outlander) e1*2007/46*1218*xx
GK0 (Eclipse Cross) e1*2007/46*1769*xx
HA0 (i-MiEV) e1*2007/46*0527*xx
HAV (i-MiEV N1) e1*2007/46*0619*xx
KA0T (L200) e1*2007/46*0453*xx
KJ0T (L200) e1*2007/46*1397*xx
V80 (Pajero) e1*2001/116*0385*xx
V8V (Pajero N1) e1*2007/46*0669*xx
Z30 (Colt) e1*2001/116*0271*xx

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